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Since childhood, I have been interested  in  microscopes and freshwater life. Lately, I have been able to equip myself with a decent microscope, digital camera and a Microscopes Plus eyepiece adapter. This new equipment has allowed me  to indulge my passion for microscopy and life in and out of  fresh water and produce images of the things which come into my field of view.

More recently, I have discovered the world of mosses, liverworts and lichens. These small plants offer real challenges to the macro photographer as well as being interesting subjects for the microscopist.


I live in Edinburgh, Scotland where we are very fortunate to have two rivers, the Water of Leith and the River Almond, that pass through the city and into the Firth of Forth. There are many ponds and lochs scattered throughout the city, several streams and burns which feed into the rivers and lochs and, not least, a very fine canal.

Special thanks are due to my wife, Therese, for putting up with all my specimen bottles and John Kinross, Napier University, Edinburgh for his encouragement and assistance when I first became interested in freshwater algae. However, the greatest praise must go to God who created the universe in all its manifest beauty and mystery.

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